Phase 3B: The Anointing of Elijah – The Pace-setter’s Legacy (1991-1992)

In my previous article, I shared on how my previous leader, VL, used a 4-phase model to transit her leadership anointing to me.
a. “I do, you see”
b. “I do, you do”
c. “You do, I see”
d. “You do, I don't see”

Besides my intense leadership growth through such a wonderful pace-setter, I was also richly blessed.

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The 4 Blessings from the 'Elijah-Elisha experience'

In 2 Kings 2:1-11, when the Lord was about to take Elijah up in a whirlwind, both Elisha and him were on their way to Gilgal. Prior to that, Elijah told Elisha he was going to Bethel but Elisha insisted on following suit. Elijah also wanted to head to Jericho and subsequently to Jordan, but Elisha similarly insisted on coming along. The four blessings are linked to the landmarks mentioned above – Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and Jordan.

i. Gilgal – place of Prosperity
Gilgal is significant because this is the place where the Lord has removed away the reproach of Egypt. It was after the Israelites’ arrival from Egypt to Gilgal, that all the shame of Egypt was wiped away. Gilgal is defined in Joshua 5:9 as the place of prosperity. In Joshua’s time, Gilgal was the ‘headquarters’ from which the Israelites launched all their victorious battles. It was a symbol of victory to the Israelites; they prospered in owning land after land.

ii. Bethel – place of Provision and Protection
Jacob named Bethel (formerly known as Luz) in Genesis 28:16 after he awoke from his dream. He then announced that if that was the house of God, there would be provision and protection.

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iii. Jericho - place of Power encounter
Jericho has always been a strong fortress, as exemplified in Joshua 6:1 and 20. But God proved himself as stronger than the strongest fortress in the land of Canaan.

iv. Jordan – place where only God's Presence matter
Jordan was a place where the presence of God could be felt, as shown in Joshua 3: 13. Joshua led the people across the waters, because the water level had dropped till it became dry ground. This miracle happened because the ark of covenant (the presence of God) was with them. 

What should be our posture of receiving these 4 blessings?

In Deuteronomy 21:15, we are told that as a spiritual child, we can inherit a double portion of blessings from our spiritual parent. In 2 Kings 2:9, Elijah gave to Elisha a double portion of his spirit. His anointing and his legacy flowed into Elisha at his departure. Elisha sought Elijah’s prophetic anointing not for personal power or prosperity or even for personal provision. He desired it because it sprung from the parental relationship he shared with Elijah. Without this relationship, the blessings would not have been able to flow to him. It was with his call “My Father, My Father” that the spirit of God rested on Elisha.

What if I don't have a religion? You can still look for a man/woman of Character & Competency, learn from him/her with the spirit of HONOR and HONORING.