My Baptism of StrengthsFIRE

In May 2011, Don Clifton's intern Rick Yamamoto ignited a little fire in my cognitive domain as a small group of us attended 'StrengthsFinder for Halftimers'. After Rick's coaching, I went on to spread this little fire to some friends and companies.

Strengthsfinder Singapore - Baptism of Fire.jpg

This little fire was rekindled as I became the Asia pioneering batch of Certified Strengths Coach in 2013. But the Baptism of StrengthsFIRE came only in 2014 during my conflict resolution with my wife.

When Strengths transform my marriage, I can no longer coach with just cognitive understand of Strengths, I co-found StrengthsTransform so that I can passionately transform individuals, partners, marriage, families and communities. Over the last 3 years, I have brought the StrengthsTransform to more than 9000 people in Singapore, hosted the 1st ASEAN Strengths Education Summit and invited to some Asian countries.

Signs for a true transformation:

  • You naturally interpret things using a Strengths lens
  • The interpretation empowers you to accept or appreciate others
  • It grants you speed and precision to solve problems, improve situation or develop people
  • The Strengths infiltrate into every area of your life
  • You always wish others can be wonderfully transformed by Strengths

Have you experienced the Baptism of StrengthsFIRE?