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Hi! In my previous article on the Power of Clustering, I had shared about my talent themes and how they cluster naturally. In this article, I will use the case study of my intern to show how her talent themes cluster naturally and show up in different aspects of her life.

Her talent themes are: Achiever | Arranger | Input | Intellection | Learner.

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"Hey Gladys, how do your various clusters of talent themes show up in different settings?"

At home: My Achiever-Learner-Input talent themes work together. At home, I’m in charge of most of the housework (Achiever) with great efficiency. I watch different videos off YouTube (Input) to learn about different ways to do household chores more effectively and try these methods out at home (Learner).

In an academic setting: As a student, the talent cluster I use very often is Learner-Input-Intellection. Especially so while preparing for General Paper, I would pay attention to trending topics (Learner) and then source for specific evidences and data (Input) to back up my learnings. From there, I would internalize different concepts (Intellection) at home before writing about it in my essays.

In a non-academic setting: I use my Arranger-Achiever-Input cluster frequently in church. With my Arranger talent theme, I juggled the various concurrent projects going on in church. My Achiever talent theme helps me to accomplish as much as I could in a single day efficiently, and my Input talent theme helps to further cut down on the time needed to source for various resources (needed for the projects) since I already have a set of ready-to-use inventory.


A cluster of 3 talent themes frequently work together to empower us to do amazing stuff naturally. Take the next moment to reflect and marvel at how great you are through the power of clustering.

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