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As a follow up from the Power of Clustering and Gladys’ article on how her talent themes cluster and show up in different aspects of her life, let us take a look at another example from Ho Zhi Hui. Zhi Hui’s talent themes are different from that of Gladys’. From this, we can compare and contrast to see how these completely different talent themes manifest in similar situations.

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Zhi hui’s talent themes are: Connectedness | Discipline | Includer | Individualization | Responsibility

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I will proceed to ask her how her various talent themes show up.

At home:  As the oldest child, I always felt like my Responsibility-Discipline-Connectedness talent themes come hand in hand and show up at home. I am not sure when this came about, but I was always emotionally invested (Responsibility) in emphasising family values and priorities as a role model in the family. It is the norm for us to sit down and have dinner together as a family on a daily basis. In addition, we make it a point to share our day’s happenings throughout the course of our meal. This routine has long been part and parcel of my life, and to me it never felt like a chore or obligation, but more of a key supporting structure in my life (Discipline). These small yet accumulative actions were, to me an indispensable part of a larger purpose as a family, and I cannot be prouder being part of something so much greater than myself (Connectedness).

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In an academic setting: I established a personal study system and followed through it for my entire 2 years in JC – lecture, summary notes, tutorial, quiz (Discipline). Studying to me was not about getting the perfect grades, but more of being able to aid myself in a smoother transition towards my later stages of life (Connectedness). My intellectual curiosity towards how each individual is distinct (Individualization) then led me on to choose psychology as one of my preferred majors in university.

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In a non-academic setting: My position as a student leader made me want to foster a more inclusive culture by giving a voice to students of different backgrounds through dialogue sessions (Includer). I strongly believe that no personality type should be deemed as a misfit to the school culture, as each person is unique and hence deserves to be treated with respect (Individualization). I was hence committed to doing my part to integrate these members into the school community in my capacity (Responsibility).

To pursue a possible career: How personalities form, how characteristics play out in the larger arena, has always been something I sought to understand on a deeper level (Individualization). As different as people may get, an inclusive society has always been part of the Singaporean narrative, and this is also something I strongly advocate for (Includer). Being the catalyst to promote consensus amidst diversity has been my key motivation to pursue a career in people management, personal growth and leadership development in the future. This gives me a larger purpose in life as a youth who has gone through experiences which have shaped who I am today (Connectedness). 


More often than not, our talent themes operate in clusters. Hence, do take a step back, and appreciate how much more your talent themes can do for you when they come together. You are so much more than just your individual talent themes! 

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